Horn Island (part six)

While it is understandable that a lot of people going out to the island start thinking of man vs. nature, I think that is a function of humans being humans: everything revolves around them. The thing that impressed me was that everything, animate or inanimate seemed to be hanging on for dear life or trying to take over.  The dunes seem to want to overrun anything that gets in their way. The trees and other plant life are clinging to what little solid ground there is and trying to turn sand into solid ground.  The wind is driving and pushing everything in its prevailing direction. The water wants to wipe out everything.  It is invading and trying to change everything in its path.  Some of the inlets leading into lagoons and ponds are altered dramatically on a daily basis.  Its not man against nature, its nature against nature, everything for itself.  I felt that while I was out there and thought about it in almost all of the Horn Island-related work I have done since.